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Industrial Training, Inc. (ITI) provides development and implementation of performance-based training on-site or centralized. Our instructors have backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation maintenance, giving them the ability to administer company specific assessments and training.

Industrial Training, Inc. continues to build on a reputation of effectively meeting customer needs with our assessments/training material validated through the implementation in 39 states and locations in Canada.

ITI has provided over 14 years of quality service to industrial companies.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The question that arises is, can governments safeguard the interests of the public and also support technological advancement at the same time? The answer is yes but only through adopting swift response approach to the massive changes in software engineering and business structure, similar to private sectors. Hence, government and regulators need to learn to regulate by constantly reinventing their approach as per the technological forward movement and also by working hand in hand with the private sector and civil society.